Project Watershed

Spring, Summer , Fall - 2019 Adult Monitoring Schedule

Beartrap Creek               April  29/1  June, 10/12        Sept 9/11             October  7/9

Carpenter’s Brook*        May 7/9      June 23/25          Sept 17/19

Nine Mile Creek     May 15/17.  July 3/5   Aug 28/30   Oct 16/18

Onondaga Creek           June  19/21.  Aug  14/16 Oct  2/4

Skaneateles Creek* May 23/27.   July 11/15 Sept   5/9

Who We Are 
Learn more about Project Watershed and the Izaak Walton League of America.

Why Is Project Watershed Important
Learn more about the importance of Project Watershed to our schools, communities, and water resources.

Schools Involved With Project Watershed
A list of schools in Central New York that have been involved with Project Watershed.

Learn more about the mission statements of both the Izaak Walton League and its Project Watershed.

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