Young Naturalist

Young Naturalist 

January 2022

December 2021

12/11 Petit: Incredible Insects

12/8 Fayetteville: Brilliant Bears


11/13 Petit: Brilliant Bears

11/11 Liverpool: Fantastic Fall Foliage


10/16 Petit: Fantastic Fall Foliage

10/13 Fayetteville: Fantastic Fall Foliage

CNY Young Naturalist Program

The Central New York Young Naturalist Program is a partnership between CNY Chapter of the Izaak Walton League and Manlius Public Library.  The program began in Summer of 2015 with the mission to get young people interested and involved in science by becoming engaged with their outdoor environment. 

The CNY Chapter was inspired to start this project by the National IWLA's 2014 Strategic Plan,  as the first objective was to get youth engaged in the outdoors. From the strategic plan

"Connect more young people to conservation and outdoor recreation" 

Young people today spend less time outdoors than any generation in American history – and are losing their connection to the natural world. By some estimates, the average middle- and high-school student spends more than 7 hours every day in front of electronic devices but only 30 minutes each week of unstructured time outside. There is growing concern that, as adults, these youth may not care
as much as previous generations about conservation or be interested in recreational shooting sports, fishing, watching wildlife, hunting, hiking, and other outdoor recreation activities. In turn, this could reverse conservation gains, undermine our quality of life, and weaken the outdoor recreation economy.

The League, our chapters, and our members across the country can play a positive and meaningful role in reconnecting children and their families to the natural world, conservation, and outdoor recreation."

The 2015  project was funded by a Creek Freaks Project Grant, and assisted by the NYS Parks and Recreation Forces Program.  ...mention roles and contributions of other partners."


Last week it was about salamanders
Posted  a nature journal prompt for every day

Bird Migration

Upcoming Young Naturalist Events

The following events are sponsored by IWLA and the CNY Community Foundation

August 2- Manlius Week 4 -1pm- Limestone Creek Stream Survey  -
- learn more about another interesting Village of Manlius place - Three Falls Woods - click here. 

August 3rd- Beauchamp Branch- 2pm- Local Ecology - Topic - TBD

August 5- Dewitt week 5- 4:30pm- Play Backyard Bass

August 5- Central Library-2pm- Pond ecology and water 

August 5- Cazenovia week 5- 1pm Don does something to wrap it all up

August 6th- Liverpool Library.  1:30pm-  River Engineers - Beaver Dam Activity 

August 7th- Fayetteville- - Local Ecology - Topic TBD
August 5th- Manlius week 5- 1pm-  Local History Walk

August 10-Petit Branch- 2om-  lesson on parasites

August 12- Skaneateles Conservation Area- 4pm-   ecology/nature walk at the conservation area

August 21st- 4pm- Mundy Branch-  T.B.D.

August T.B.D.  - Betts Branch

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