Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Upcoming Events

-  August 30  IWLA Chapter Meeting -7:00 pm  - click for agenda

-          September 29th our second OLCC / YNLT Monitoring Event at Onondaga Lake.  This is also National Public Lands Day !!!

 Sept 30th , NYS Parks’ FORCES Gathering – Glimmerglass State Park.  We are offering free camping and a BBQ at the park the night before the FORCES event, so you can head out there after the OLCC /YNLT to join the festivities.

-          October – date TBD – OLCC Bluebird Nesting Box making activity
 OLCC, Audubon and Honeywell will be planning a bluebird nestbox making event for October.  NYS Parks will be supplying the nestbox kits.  NLT members may enjoy coming out and participating and/or helping out with this event. 

Some Resources
- EPA link to STEM resources created by EPA

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